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What is a Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector for Fine Art Lighting?

Interior Lighting
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  Exterior Lighting
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Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projectors for Art Lighting
Model 1100P
Model 1160P
Model 2300P
Tree & Garden
Lighting Units
Model T30
Model T50
Rectangular Housing Units
Model 1100R
Model 2300R
Outdoor Wendel
Optical Framing/Contour Projector
Model 2345P
Round/Square Optical Framing
Projector Access Rings 
Model 60 Round
Model 70 Square
Model 80 Round
Model 90 Round
Mounting Bracket
For underground foundation
Model 110
Elliptical Optical Framing
Light Rings
Model 100
Model 210
Model 250
T Flange Mounting Bracket
Model 150
Walkway & Garden
Lighting Unit
Model T10
Miscellaneous Hardware
Hard to find items

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