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Landscape Illumination
The artful illumination of exterior landscape
and other architectural detail
are another specialty of Thomas P. Richmond, Inc.
The outdoor units manufactured for these applications use only the highest quality, heavy gauge materials available to provide a corrosion resistant long life in installations exposed to the elements. In addition, all units are anodized and/or custom painted for further protection from weather. The custom painting is also an important factor in achieving the general design objective of having the fixture blend into its natural surroundings. 

Richmond products include the T-10 lighting fixture for walkways, ground illumination, and small specimen trees, the T-30 lighting fixture for the illumination of trees, shrubbery, and the T-50 lighting fixture for the illumination of taller trees and garden vistas. 

The 2345P lighting fixture is a rugged outdoor version of the Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector in a special weatherized housing. It allows the lighting designer to illuminate an outdoor statue, landscaping or other architectural features with a dramatically delineated illumination that is the hallmark of the Wendel Projector.

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