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13" Round Access Ring / Zero Sight Line
Model 80
The Model 80 Access Ring and Plate provides access to the
Model 1100P or Model 2300P Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector for Fine Art Lighting when it is mounted behind a wall or above an existing ceiling installation.
The Access Ring is mounted securely and plastered flush into the wall or ceiling sheetrock or plaster. The Access Plate is held in place by three stainless steel machine screws and is fitted with a security chain and alignment key. The Light Beam Aperture is custom cut for each installation to assure the most inconspicuous light source possible.

The Access Ring and Plate are precision machined aluminum.
The rigid construction, machined precisely flat, facilitates the absolutely flush installation of the Access Ring, and when painted, the seam is all but invisible.

Ring Outer Diameter    -  15.25 inches

Plate Diameter             -  13.25 inches

Ring Height                  -   1.50 inches

The Alignment Key assures the exact replacement of the Access Plate following service to the projector. The precision machined construction allows Plates to be interchanged if a change in application requires a new aperture to be cut.

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