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Outdoor Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector
Model 2345P
The Model 2345P Outdoor Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector
is used to illuminate and highlight outdoor architectural features, statuary or other well defined garden features.
A dramatic effect is achieved by confining the light rays to the exact contour of the object.
The rugged waterproof unit is usually hidden in foundation plantings and shrubbery but,
even when wall mounted, its customized glare shield effectively conceals the
light source from view.

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The cast aluminum housing and condenser are precision machined for the placement of the optics. Two spun aluminum light caps are formed to complete the waterproof unit. The housing accommodates two cast aluminum universal mounting arms for a variety of installations.

Three high quality ground plano convex lenses and one spherical glass mirror are used in the projector to provide a maximum intensity achromatic light source. Focus is provided by two or more high quality objective lenses.

Finish & Colors
The units are finished with a durable and weatherproof primed and baked enamel in Bell Green, Black or Brown to blend into the landscape.

Power & Lamps
Maximum power requirement is 400 watts, 120 VAC.
Lamps are GE Q250/MC or Q400/MC.

The lamp housing is 13" long and 7" in diameter.

Removal of three stainless steel screws release the light cap for easy relamping.

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