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Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector
for Fine Art Lighting
Model 1100P
The Model 1100P Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector
for Fine Art Lighting is used to illuminate paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture and other art objects.
A dramatic effect is achieved by confining the light rays to the exact contour of the object.

The cast aluminum housing and condenser are precision machined for the placement of the optics. The adjustable objective tube is precision spun aluminum. The housing accommodates two cast aluminum universal housing arms allowing for a variety of stable installations.

Three high quality ground plano convex lenses and one spherical glass mirror are used in the projector to provide a maximum intensity achromatic light source. Focus is provided by two or more high quality objective lenses.

Power & Lamps
The maximum power requirement is 250 watts, 120 VAC.
Lamps are G.E. Q100MC, Q150MC, Q250MC or equivalent.

The minimum dimensions of the unit without mounting arms are 5.5" high, 4.5" wide, 8" long.

Lamp assembly, brass confinement plate and objective tube are all readily accessible for service. Unit accessibility depends on installation. See models 60, 70, 80 access rings and plates.

How to Specify for a Recessed Installation:
1. Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector (Model 1100P)
2. Rectangular housing (Model 1100R)
3. Access ring and plate (Model 60)

Wendel Framing Projector Lights - Disclaimer

1. There is a possibility that existing construction may not allow the Projector Light to be installed due to vertical clearances, joist spacing, or other obstructions.

2. The Light Confinement will have a blue edge along the perimeters.

3. If art work is glossy that will cause glare on the artwork.

4. Deep Frames may cast a shadow on top of the artwork.

5. The Light Confinement cannot stop exactly on an edge, darkness will exist on artwork or spill light will appear on Frame or Wall.


6. Projector Light installed off center of artwork will result in brighter illumination on the off center side.

7. Top of artwork will be brighter than bottom of artwork especially on tall artwork.

8. Multiple Projector Lights installed for artwork may have overlapping lines and will be visible to the eye. Composition of artwork has to be carefully tested to see if this is acceptable, if not then alternative lighting solutions may need to be recommended.

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