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Elliptical Optical Framing Light Ring
Model 100
The Model 100 Elliptical Light Rings are used
when the Model 1100P or Model 2300P
Wendel Optical Framing/Contour Projector for Fine Art Lighting
is mounted above dropped or hung ceiling panels,
or when the units are otherwise accessible
such as in attic or closet installations.
In these cases, it is only necessary to provide an aperture for the emergent light beam on the surface in front of the unit. That aperture can be custom cut, but, for many installations, the Model 100 Elliptical Light rings provide an attractive and inconspicuous light aperture. The Model 100 is available with 2.75", 3.75", and 4.75" apertures.

The Light Rings are precision made from 16 gauge stainless steel.
The two 4" long tabs provide secure installation for a variety of surface thicknesses.
The exterior flange surface is smooth and paintable to blend into the surroundings.

Ring Outer Diameter   -  3.5", 4.5" or 5.5"

Plate Diameter            -  2.75", 3.75" or 4.75"

Ring Diameter             -   0.25"

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